The List of Compliments I Hold Close to My Heart

  • "Puberty was so amazing to you. All these other girls on Instagram have nothing on the way you turned out."
  • "You made me question my sexuality."
  • "…Helps that you’re a hottie."
  • "Except that you are not/ were not/ have never been/ will never be ugly."
  • "You turned out quite alright; your parents did their job and you did yours."
  • "My daughters adore yours."
  • "If your personality were in a guy it’d be perfect."
  • "I’d date a guy who dressed like you,"
  • "Nah I feel like out of all the people I know you’re going to be one of the most successful and make lots of positive differences."
  • "You definitely deserve her Lisa."
  • "Lisa could wear a dress and grow out her hair and I’d still think she’s attractive."
  • "You have nice teeth."

"You’ll still want to associate with me in college?"

Says one of the most important people in my life.


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Ted LawsonEntropy, 2012


Ted Lawson
Entropy, 2012

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mm girl youre so wet;) wait is that fucking pee you did not just pee yourself

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i wanna start doing open mics like this one again